New Additions


Getting ready for winter.

Our 148 year old olive tree does not do well in the

harsh cold that we sometimes experience.  So we are

beginning the process of protecting it from the cold.

This is the first row of what will be a 20′ high

Geodesic Dome.  We will cover it in Agra-fabric

that will allow in light but help to keep out the

colder temperatures







New gates installed at rock wall.


Olive Press

We have created a replicaOlive Press 1 of an ancient olive  press complete with baskets that the mashed pulp can then be squeezed
by the weighted stones hanging from the press to produce olive oil.   Olive Press
The olive oil runs through the seams in the basket and then in to the hewn rock catch basin and eventually into a container for storage.

148 year old Olive TreePlanting Olive Treee

Olive tree West Texas is not normally home to Olive trees.  This one was brought in from California where it was planted in 1868.   We are hoping to have several of these magnificent trees if they prove to be able Olive Tree1

to withstand the harsh winters that we sometimes experience here in Midland Texas.

Rock Wall IMG_0340

The large rocks that make up this 200 X 300 foot wall weigh anywhere from 2 to 6 tons each!  IMG_0336

The wall was created to serve both as a replica of ancient wall building techniques and as a wind break for the vineyard and olive tree.   It will eventually include a Watch Tower, Grape Press and Prayer Garden

Vineyard Rock Area Before

This will be the third year for about a third of the grape vines we planted and they should start to produce fruit. For the rest this will be the second year and they should start to spread out.


Mikveh Sunrise or set at LLL Ranch

In bible times Mikveh’s were used by both men and women to regain ritual purity after various events, including touching a corpse, conversion to Judaism  after menstruation or childbirth for women, as well as the consecration of the High Priest according to regulations laid down in the Torah and rabbinic literature. Later it was used as symbol of resurrection because water as ice is in a frozen or lifeless state but is destined to become alive after melting. John the Baptist used immersion as an act of repentance. And eventually christianity would use the same concept for Baptism

Live Labor and Learn together.